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Isaac CUMMINGS aka Isaack COMMEN 1601-1677

Isaac Cummings came from England to this country in October, 1635. The first mention of his name in Middlesex County records is an entry made by the town clerk of Watertown as receiving a grant of 35 acres in the earliest general land grants in 1636 called the "Great Dividends". Also, a record exists made by the Town Clerk of Ipswich, showing that he owned a planting lot near Reedy marsh, in that town, previous to July 25, 1638.

On the 9th of the second month (April) of 1639, he also owned a house lot in Ipswich village on the street called the East End, next to the lot owned by Rev. Nathaniel Rogers. He was a commoner in 1639, and the same year sold 7 acres of land near the highway leading to Jeffrey's Neck to Andrew Hodges. He also possessed, in 1639, land adjoining John Winthrop and William Goodhue, the farm being partly in Ipswich and partly in Topsfield. He was a proprietor in Watertown in 1642, and at Topsfield afterward, where he was one of 30 commoners.

As an Ipswich commoner he was one of those "that have the right of commonage there the last of the last month (Feb), 1641", and was made a freemanin Watertown May 18, 1642. On the first day of the second month (April), 1652,Isaac Cummings, for 30 pounds, bought of Samuel Symonds, 150 acres of land, "being the North-east corner of his farm called Ollivers". This lot of land was in Topsfield and bounded on the west and north-west by land lately of John Winthrop, on the south and west by land of Francis Peabody, and on the south by land of Daniel Clark.

The farm began at what is known as the Hobbs-Bell place, and continued down both sides of the brook, then called "Winthropps", to what is now called Howlett's Brook, one hundred acres lying on the westerly side and fifty acres on the easterly side, probably joining other land belonging to him.

There are several court records of him:

1."Goodman Isaac Cummings of Topsfield, having claimed ownership of a heifer in the possession of John Fuller and driven same to his home" had suit brought against him, March 28, 1654.

2.Isaac Comings, senior was witness against Wm. Duglas, March1656.

3.Isaac Commins, senior was sued for debt by Zerobabell Phillips of Ipswich March 1657.

4.Isaac Cummings, senior brought suit against John Fuller for damage done in his corn by swine belonging to said Fuller, Dec. 31, 1656. In 1666 he was constable, and his son Isaac was his deputy, and in a deposition he made in March, 1666, he states his age to be 65. The same year he was assed 4 s. 7d. to pay the town's indebtedness. He was deacon of the church for many years and was chosen grand juryman in 1675.  He was a moderator of the Town meeting in 1676. His estate was valued at about 166 pounds. No trace of his wife's family name is found. She was not living at the time of his will.

From the Albert Oren Cummins book, augmented with additional information from the Mooar book.