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Purpose of the Isaac Cummings Family Association

The Isaac Cummings Family Association was established in the fall of 1996 by a small group of Isaac Cummings descendants to:

1.  Develop, preserve, and exchange information on Isaac Cummings history and genealogy in the United States and Europe.

2.  Promote further research across the seas to determine the origin of Isaac Cummings and to make a direct connection to Clan Cumming of Scotland.

3.  Search for Cummings artifacts and other items of interest to the family historian and to try to determine who has the oldest portrait/photo of a Cummings ancestor.

4.  Develop an organizational charter that would outlive any one single member. The organization could file for non-profit status and to raise funds that could be used, for example, to assure the maintenance of our ancestor's burial sites, to generate scholarship(s) for Cummings descendants of need or ability.

5.  Place a statue, memorial or some other structure in Topsfield, MA to pay honor to Isaac Cummings as a pioneer of the area.

6.  Assure that those Cummings ancestors/descendants who fought honorably for this Country are so recognized during Veteran's Day.