ICFA Scholarship Announcement

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The Isaac Cummings Family Association is offering scholarship grants to individuals for research  
studies that have a connection to the genealogical or ‘physical’ history of the Isaac Cummings  
(1601-1677) Family and his descendents. In addition, these studies must also support the Goals of  
the ICFA. Scholarships or project grants usually range from $1,000 to $2,500.

ICFA Goals:

1 - Develop, preserve, and exchange information on Isaac Cummings history and genealogy in  
the United States and Europe.Promote further research across the seas to determine the origin  
of Isaac Cummings and to make a direct connection to the Clan Cumming of Scotland.

2 - Search for Cummings artifacts and other items of interest to the family historian and to try  
to determine who has the oldest portrait/photo of a Cummings ancestor.

3 - Develop an organizational charter that would outlive any one single member. The  
organization could file for non-profit status and to raise funds that could be used, for example, to  
assure the maintenance of our ancestor's burial sites, to generate scholarship(s) for Cummings  
descendants of need or ability.

4 - Place a statue, memorial or some other structure in Topsfield, MA to pay honor to Isaac  
Cummings as a pioneer of the area.5 - Assure that those Cummings ancestors/descendants who  
fought honorably for this Country are so recognized during Veteran's Day.

All scholarship grants must be authorized by a unanimous vote of the Scholarship Committee and  
a majority vote of the Executive Committee. The grants may be used for a portion of a formal  
education program, or for an individual study. The grants are not intended to pay for a formal  
educational degree.


Persons of 16 years of age or older who submit a research proposal defining the relevance of the  
study to ICFA objectives, provide a detailed time line, and a detailed budget including academic,  
living, and materials costs, and also include a complete list of resources required.


The Scholarship Committee will make proposal selections based on:

1 - Assessment of the practicality of the proposal with the experience of the applicant.

2 - Evaluate the experience and resources the applicant brings with the proposal.

3 - The cost/ benefit relationship of the proposals.

4 - Compatibility of the proposal to the goals of ICFA.


Reports to the Scholarship Committee will be required on a quarterly basis, or on a previously  
defined reporting schedule. These reports will compare the actual time line objectives and cost  
expenditures against the proposal. In addition to the facts, a brief summary of the research to  
date will be required, as well as a projection of critical issues remaining to reach completion.

A final report suitable for publication will be required upon 4 weeks of study completion. ICFA will  
retain a copy of the final report and reserves the rights to publish these reports.

Contact for scholarship is:

David Roland - President
1202 Bishopsgate Way
Reston, VA 20194-1404