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Last Will and Testament of Isaac Cummings

Isaac's will was dated May 8, 1677 (8th of 3rd month), an inventory was filed 22 Maye 1677, and his will was probated June 14, 1677. The Title of the will was "The Last Will and Testament of Isaac COMINS, senier". It was signed as Isaac Cumings, Sr.

"The Last Will and Testament of Isaac COMINS, senier"

I being sencabl of my approaching desolution being att present weak in body yet perfect in my vnderstanding haueing by the grace of god bene helped to provid for my future state in another world:

doe now in ordering of what God hath been pleased to bestow vpon me of the blessings of this life, take care and order that in the first place my debts be duly payd:

nextly I doe by this my last will and testament confirme to my son Ifaac the ten Acres of division Land on the south side of the great river be more or less : nextly I do giue vnto my son in law John Jewet ten pounds part in Cattel and part in houshovld goods:

nextly I do will and bequeath to my grandson Isaac the son of my son Isaac one year old heifer on little sow the indian corne which he hath planted for himself and the flax which he hath sowne, item I doe giue vnto him my chest the 2d in bignes with lock and key : item my history book with such books as are his owne : ie. a bibl and testament, item I do giue him ten pounds to be payd a seuenteen years of age in Covntry pay-item.

I doe giue my son in Law John Pease thrity povnds to be pay out of the stock of Cattel and hovs-hovld goods as much as maybe at present and the rest in two years --

item I doe make my son John my sole executor and doe giue vnto him my house and lands being fovrty Acres more or less Consisting of vpland and meddow-with all the priviledges emmolvments theof and apvrtainces thervnto belonging : provided that this land shall stand bovnd in part and in wholl for the payment of these legacyes and in case that the said legacyes shal not be payd according to this my will : the land shall be sovld and payment made out of the price thereof : and the remainder shall be the executors "

item my will fvrther is that if any of these my children shall throvgh discontent att what is done for them in this my will : Cause trovbl to arise to the executor then there shall be nothing payd to him or them but the legacy or legacyes willed to them shall return too and remain in the hands of the executor as his proper right.

dated the 8th of the 3d mth 1677. (May 8, 1677)
My desir farther is that Isaac ffoster and Thomas Dorman would take Care that this my will be duly performed.

signed Isaac Cumings, Sr.

Witneses - the mark of John Poore Sr, Thomas Dorman, Isaac Foster

Inventory of the estate, made May 22, 1677 as appraised by John Whipple and John How, and testified to by his son John on June 14, places the valuation at 166 pounds, 1 shilling, 6 pence and the debts at 19 pounds, 16 shillings, 5 pence.

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