CUMMINGS - War of 1812
(includes Comings, Cumings and Cummins)

Reference Virgil D. White, Index to War of 1812 Pension Files, The National Historical Publishing Co, 1989 and from the Isaac Cummings Family Association database.

First Date of Birth Date of Death State/Country Born State/Country Died Spouce(s) Notes
Andrew 5/6/1785 3/4/1884 New Hampshire Vermont Mary Cooper
Daniel 4/16/1791 7/12/1875 Maine Maine (1) Nancy Bird. (2) Lydia Pratt* Pension WC-17973. Served with Ripley's Massachusets Militia.
Daniel 7/5/1870 2/5/1847 Maine Abigail Bartlett
David 2/4/1762 5/18/1846 Massachusetts Massachusetts Hepsey Reed Marched to Narragansett
Eben 6/24/1779 10/20/1850 New Hampshire New Hampshire sarah Butterfield Captain of light infantry.
Francis 4/25/1793 9/14/1863 Massachusetts Maine (1) Lois Chamberlin (2) Mary Ann Frost (3) Hepzibah S. Holt Joseph Holt's MA Mil.
George 11//22/1788 6/11/1870 Maine Maine Lucy Pratt Pension SC-11703. Bailey Bodwell's Co. of 12Mths Vols.
Isaac aft 1791 7/24/1856 Maine Connecticut Lavinia Caldwell Pension. Watson Rand's MA Mil.
Jeremiah 3/10/1776 8/22/1858 Massachusetts Wisconsin Clarissa Sabens
John 7/10/1796 3/6/1868 New Hampshire New Hampshire Rachel Washburn Cheney Pension. Phineas Willams Co. 11th Regt. US Inf.
Joseph 5/31/1791 3/9/1876 Maine Maine Ruth Thayer Pension. Ebenezer Cobb's MA Mil.
Joseph 2/24/1796 5/24/1857 Maine Maine Ann Prescott Pension WC-23235. Leslie's MA Mil.
Moses 8/2/1791 bef 1837 Maine Lydia Pratt*
Oliver 6/4/1773 abt 1812 Massachusetts Died in the war
Phillip 5/6/1887 7/2/1867 Maine Maine Hannah Grafton Sargeant in MA Mil.
Richard 7/27/1794 Maine Elsie Robinson Wounded at the Battle of Bridgewater.
Whitney 9/18/1793 9/6/1872 Vermont New York Louise Mills Pension WC-26457

*Lydia PRATT married Moses and then Daniel, who were first cousins to each other. Lucy and Lydia were sisters.

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