Civil War
(Includes Comings, Comins, Cummings and Cummins)

First Middle Last Date of Birth Date of Death Died from Combat Notes
Dr. David Lawrence Morill Comings 10/14/1825 8/1/1863 Yes Surgeon for 4th Regt. NH Vols. Age 37.
Norman D. Comings 7/16/1842 8/14/1863 Yes 16rh Regt. NH Vols. Co. A. Died in service. Age 21.
Samuel Lelland Comings 5/10/1821 abt 9/1862 Yes Died from wounds suffered at the Battle of Antietam. Age 41.
George W. Comins abt 1822 5/20/1865 Yes 86th Regt. NY. From Troupsberg. Killed. Age 43.
Alfred Cummings 5/24/1804 7/19/1862 Yes 1861 Fortress Monroe, VA. Died of disease. Age 58.
Amasa Cummings 5/1/1840 4/23/1910 3 years civil war. 20th Maine Infantry Regiment
Ambrose J. Cummings 8/25/1843 2/25/1863 Yes Killed in service. Age 19.
Asa Judson Cummings 2/13/1843 1862 Yes Died in service. Age 19.
Charles Cummings 2/26/1821 9/30/1864 Yes Lt. Col. 16th and 17th Regt. VT Vols. Killed before Richmond. Age 43.
Charles Williams Cummings 2/5/1840 10/22/1865 Yes Corporal 26th NJ Vols. Age 25.
Charles W. Cummings 3/26/1845 12/2/1864 Yes 46th Regt. IA Vols. Co. F. Age 19.
Charles Fredrick Cummings 7/28/1846 10/4/1864 Yes 25th and 32nd Regt. ME. Age 18.
Dr. Ariel Ivers Cummings 6/11/1823 9/9/1863 Yes Surgeon under Gen Mclellan. 42nd Regt. MA Vols. Age 40.
George Picard Cummings 11/5/1836 9/6/1864 Yes 14th Regt. MA Vols. Wounded 6/17/1864 at Petersburg, VA. Age 27.
Hugh Anderson Cummings 5/18/1845 4/13/1933 4 years civil war. 3 years Co B, 8th Regiment Indiana Cavalry and 1 year Co A, 14th Maine Volunteers.
Isaac Cummings 6/17/1842 8/21/1862 Yes Co B Main 14th Infantry Regiment. Died at New Orleans.
Israel Cummings 8/2/1832 12/2/1863 Yes Sergeant 21sr Regt. MA Vols. Co. D. Age 31
Johathan Wyman Cummings 11/21/1814 7/21/1864 Yes Army of the Mississippi. Died on the ship john Runyon. Age 49.
John Calvin Cummings 2/27/1843 8/11/1863 Yes Killed in service. Age 20.
Joseph Bogle Cummings 12/23/1817 4/21/1863 Yes 53rd Regt. MA Vols. Died of disease. Age 45.
Joseph Cummings 10/10/1839 6/26/1862 Yes 49th Reft. IN Vols, Co. H. Died of illness contracted. Age 22.
Leander Hale Cummings 1/18/1846 7/28/1863 Yes 7th Regt. NH Vols. Fatally wounded at Morris Island. Age 17.
Lucius Howard Cummings 3/17/1846 9/7/1865 Yes 12th Regt. ME Vols. Age 19.
Nelson Preble Cummings 11/24/1821 abt 1864 Yes From Maine. Probably died in battle. Age 43.
Oscar Cummings 9/14/1840 9/1/1864 Yes Died at the Battle of Jonesboro, fall of Atlanta, GA. Age 23.
Otis Cummings 5/15/1841 12/11/1862 Yes Died in service. Age 21. His twin brother, Amos also served.
Reed Whitcomb Cummings 12/1/1841 9/11/1863 Yes 12th Regt. NY Vols/ Co. I. Died in service. Age 21.
Reuben Wright Cummings 6/26/1826 8/28/1862 Yes 30th Regt. MA Vols, Co. C. Died of Battle wounds. Age 36.
Samuel S. Cummings abt 1830 abt 1865 Yes Died of disease contacted in the war. Age 35.
Stephen F. Cummings 1829 1/18/1864 Yes 10th Reft. MI inf, Co. C. Died of battle wounds. Age 35.
Stephen Henry Cummings 9/7/1843 1/14/1863 Yes 20th Regt. ME Vols. Co. K. Died in an army hospital. Age 19.
Sylvester Wesley Cummings 10/16/1834 6/17/1864 2nd Lieutenant, 29th Maine Infantry Regiment. Died at Morganza, Point Coupee, Louisiana from disease.
Wesley Cummings 6/23/1837 5/5/1864 Yes 20th Regt. ME Vols. Co. K. Killed at the Battle of the Wilderness. Age 26.
William E. Cummings abt 1830 8/5/1863 Yes 161st Regt. NY Co. H. Died at Baton Rough, LA. Age 33.
William Wallace Cummings 6/27/1834 10/27/1861 Yes Sergeant 1st Reft. MN Co. H. Killed in service. Age 27.
William Cummings 1847 1863 Yes Died of disease contracted in the war. Age 16.
Jesse Davis Cummins 4/27/1831 5/26/1864 Yes Killed at the battle of Spottsylvania. Age 33.

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